Sunday, February 26, 2017

3 Ways to Make Your Business Energy Efficient

Carbon footprint is one of the most talked about topics in the business community lately. Humans have made significant impact to the environment in the last 50 years in the name of industrial progress. For individuals and business owners alike, it behooves to pay attention to the carbon footprint they generate and find ways to reduce it to at least stem the deterioration of earth’s atmosphere, if not reverse the adverse impact from global warming. What can small business owners do to play their part in this effort? Here are 3 simple ways you can help by becoming more energy efficient:

  • Educate Your Employees

The first step to improving your energy consumption habits is education. While many of us are getting better at it, there are still times when we are unaware that are actions are having detrimental effects. Perhaps the biggest example of wasted resources in the workplace is failing to power down your computer at the end of the day. A simple post-it-note left as a reminder may prove to solve the problem, though this may turn out to be only a temporary solution. More creative companies have turned to rewarding their employees with small treats for a long-term fix
  • Replace Fixtures and Fittings

No matter how knowledgeable your employees are on the effects of their actions, though, it’s no use if you’re leaking heat from the fixtures of your office. This is especially a problem in older buildings, which haven’t been updated to modern standards. If your office uses sash windows, you may be reluctant to remove the original fixtures to update to modern glazing. Adding a second sheet of glass over the original layer allows you to retain the character of your building while improving efficiency rates by as much as 60%. In fact, with tools from suppliers such as Mighton Products, you may find simply draught-proofing badly fitted windows could prevent heat loss by as much 90%.

When it comes to replacing your old appliances, look for products with an ‘A’ energy rating. If the office kettle is constantly on the go, you could be wasting around £25 a year. An eco-friendly model will only boil the amount of water required. On average, this uses around 20% less energy than a conventional unit.
  • Promote Energy Awareness

Finally, becoming greener isn’t just about saving the planet; it’s also good business sense. Shoppers are now more knowledgeable about the negative effects industries have on the planet. Recent studies have found that almost three out of every four customers think green before committing to a purchase. Recycling, carpooling, and buying organic foods are all becoming a part of the daily life of people all around the world. By aligning your interests with that of the public, you’ll be able to better engage with your customers.

Just a few changes and you could see big results! If you’re serious about making a difference, make sure you consider your professional life as well as your personal one.

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